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Allama Iqbal Open University, Asia’s largest distance learning university, focuses primarily on the educational needs of the masses by bringing quality education at its doorsteps across the country and blurring spatial and temporal boundaries. Today, the university offers unique educational opportunities to a large proportion of one million students in a diverse and dynamic range of programs from the matriculation level to the doctoral level. Aiou Islamabad Result




Established in 1974, it is the first open university in Asia with an emphasis on providing distance education in philosophy, natural sciences, and social sciences. It has the largest number of universities in Pakistan. the largest number of applicants.

AIOU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in academic disciplines. After witnessing the success of the Open University in the UK, AIOU was established as a public university in 1974.

AIOU is known for its cost-effective policy of providing higher and lifelong education to people learning from their homes and workplaces at minimal cost through a special government-administered fund.

AIOU is open to all and provides education to all without any discrimination.

Allama Iqbal Open University History:


Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) was established under an Act of Parliament in 1974 as a pioneer of distance and non-formal education in Pakistan due to its approach, philosophy, system, functions and overall structure. At that time, it was the second Open University in the world, the first such university was established in the UK in 1969. Now AIOU is included in the list of 17 mega universities in the world and provides an opportunity for workers to improve their ratings without any loss, Aiou Islamabad Result. your work or place of residence. Distance education in Pakistan is particularly suitable for the female population as it gives them the opportunity to study at home. Similarly, people living in tribal and remote areas where the formal education system has not yet reached, also have an opportunity to get educated. In this university, the duration of the completion of your certificates and degrees is at your own pace and convenience. AIOU is using all possible means for instruction including; Correspondence material, radio and TV, satellite broadcast, online teaching, unbroadcast media, tutorial instruction and group training workshops, etc.

AIOU began operations in 1975-76 with 5 courses and an enrollment of less than a thousand, which has expanded in all directions over the years. The total number of programs currently developed is 116, and the number of courses is 1,377. In the year 2007-08, student enrollment reached 10.31951 and course enrollment reached 29.82420, of which which female participation was 51%. . Today, 36 academic departments and four colleges with the Institute for Mass Education offer a wide range of courses from the non-credit functional level to the MPhil/PhD level. Currently, the university offers 19 doctoral courses, 192 MPhil/MS, 516 master’s level, 67 teacher education, 282 bachelor’s/diploma, 80 senior high school, 30 high school, 12 women’s junior high, and 114 functional courses without credits. / Basic Education Courses for Women. Aiou Islamabad Result

The University broadcast 264 radio and 382 television programs in 2005-06. Recently, the university has started broadcasting educational programs on FM radio on 91.6 MHz. Now, the university has set up a video conferencing network in seven selected regions to conduct online classes for computer courses. The regional network currently consists of 36 regional campuses/centers with 82 part-time regional liaison offices across the country. So far, the University has established 1,274 study centers annually in partnership with formal educational institutions and in collaboration with highly reputable private institutions to provide state-of-the-art computing/hands-on/laboratory facilities for students studying in the fields of science, technology and computer science Study centers have also been established in the main cities of the country. The university has more than 65,000 registered tutors, of whom around 58,452 part-time tutors are appointed each year to guide students through tutorials and review homework assignments. About 950 examination centers are established at the district and Tehsil level every year with the support of the regional network for the convenience of students. As of 2007, 1,121,382 degrees, diplomas, and certificates have been awarded. There are currently 1,899 sanctioned positions at the university that include academics, administrative and service/support staff. About 1.6 million books are printed and delivered to students annually, along with other related materials. Aiou Islamabad Result The central library of the university is equipped with a collection of more than 114,000 books. The annual budget of the University for 2007-08 is Rs 1,921.848 crore, of which 87% is generated by the University from its own resources. At present, the endowment fund of the university is estimated at Rs 24000 crore.

With its system of reaching students at their homes or workplaces and its concept of openness, which means lifelong learning, Allama Iqbal Open University is filling the gaps left by the traditional system and making education targeted at areas and groups that cannot benefit from it. FORMAL EDUCATION SYSTEM As an open and distance learning institution, AIOU is committed to providing high-quality educational programs to its students. In addition, AIOU strives to create an environment conducive to learning.

In recent years, the university’s programs have expanded in all directions and many more are still in development to be launched in the coming semesters. The challenge for the future of the university is to maintain the best quality of education by providing high-quality tutoring and regional support to students.