Dubai Hotels

Dubai Hotels:

Dubai the area of population of the U.A.E, which is also the capital of U.A.E. Most of the people visitor to the Dubai and see the Dubai.

In Dubai first the high building which is called “Berj Kalkifa” which is very high and famous.

There are some hotels which is fallows.

Due to this hotels the Dubai is very famous. This hotel is very expensive to stay in the hotels.

In one day the person spend 15000 to 25000 that is for the middle people.

Budget Hotels:

            Budget hotel is also in Dubai which is less expensive and everything is available in the hotels.

Water In Dubai:

Dubai water

In Dubai where people go so firstly, think about the water that is useful for drink or not.


The Hotels Near The Airport:

            Most of the people wanted that have a hotels or places which can people can need basic on Bus station, Railway Station or Airport etc. So in Dubai there is hotel near the airport such as Dubai International airport. Almaktoom International airport etc.