How To Dial Aruba From USA

Dialing international numbers can sometimes be a bit confusing, especially if you’re trying to reach a destination like the beautiful island of Aruba from the United States. Whether you’re planning a vacation, connecting with friends or family, or conducting business, it’s essential to know the correct dialing procedure. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to dial Aruba from the USA, ensuring that your call goes through without a hitch.

Step 1: International Exit Code

Before you can start dialing an international number from the USA, you need to begin with the international exit code. In bold, remember this: Dial 011. This code signals to your phone system that you’re about to make an international call.

Step 2: Aruba Country Code

Next, you’ll need to enter the country code for Aruba. The country code for Aruba is 297. Remember this in bold: 297.

Step 3: Local Aruba Number

After dialing the country code, you’ll need to enter the local number in Aruba that you want to call. This number usually consists of 7 digits. If you’re calling a mobile phone in Aruba, it’s important to know that the mobile numbers typically start with 5 or 6.

Example 1: Calling a Landline in Aruba

Let’s say you’re calling a landline in Aruba with the number 555-1234. Here’s how you would dial it:

011 297 555-1234

Example 2: Calling a Mobile Phone in Aruba

If you’re calling a mobile phone in Aruba with the number 567-8901, here’s how you would dial it:

011 297 567-8901

Important Tips

  • International Prefix: Always start with the international exit code, which is 011 for calls from the USA to Aruba.
  • Including the Country Code: Never forget to include the country code, 297, to specify that you’re calling Aruba.
  • Local Numbers: Be sure to obtain the correct local number in Aruba, and remember that mobile numbers often start with 5 or 6.
  • Check with Your Service Provider: It’s a good idea to check with your service provider for any specific international dialing instructions or rates, as they may vary.
  • Time Zone: Keep in mind the time zone difference between the USA and Aruba when making your call. Aruba is typically one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • 5. Understanding Aruba’s Time Zone

    Aruba operates on Atlantic Standard Time (AST), which is four hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-4). It’s important to be aware of this time difference when making your call. Verify the current time in Aruba to ensure you’re calling at a suitable hour for the recipient. Remember that calling too early or too late can be inconvenient for the person you’re trying to reach.



    6. International Dialing Costs

    Before dialing Aruba from the USA, consider the international calling rates that apply to your phone plan. Most carriers have specific rates for international calls, and these rates can vary widely depending on your provider and the type of plan you have. To avoid unexpected charges, check with your phone carrier to understand the cost of calling Aruba. Some carriers also offer international calling packages that may provide cost-effective options for frequent international callers.

    7. Using International Calling Cards

    If you’re making frequent international calls, you might want to explore the option of using international calling cards. These cards are preloaded with credit and can often provide more affordable rates for international calls compared to standard phone plans. You can purchase these cards online or at local stores, and they typically provide instructions on how to use them for international calls.

    How To Dial Aruba From USA


    8. Internet-Based Calling Options

    In today’s digital age, there are several internet-based calling options that can make calling Aruba even more convenient and cost-effective. Consider using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. These apps allow you to make voice and video calls over the internet, often at reduced rates compared to traditional phone calls. Make sure both you and the person you’re calling have the same app installed for a smooth connection.

    9. Calling Emergency Services

    It’s crucial to be aware of how to contact emergency services in Aruba, especially if you’re traveling there. The emergency number in Aruba is 911, which can be dialed for police, medical, or fire emergencies. Ensure you have this number saved or memorized in case of any unforeseen situations.

    10. Country-Specific Considerations

    While making calls to Aruba is generally straightforward, it’s worth noting that individual circumstances may vary. Some businesses or institutions in Aruba may have specific requirements for international calls. If you encounter any difficulties, consider reaching out to your service provider or consulting with the recipient in Aruba to ensure a successful call.

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