Izmis lake Swat

Izmis lake Swat

There is no doubt that Izmis Lake is the calmest and most jaw-dropping lake in Swat Valley. It’s a magical place, it’s quiet and the lake looks immaculate. You will be amazed and delighted by its beauty. As soon as you enter the waters of this Azmus Dand Lake,, you will begin to feel its beauty. After visiting this lake you will forget the beauty of foreign lakes. Here, you will be given information about this subject lake:

For the record, Izmis means cave in Kohistani. This lake is surrounded by many natural caves. It is because of the presence of these swamps that this lake has been given its name.

Izmis Lake Swat

This lake of Izmis is located just north-east of the Atrur Valley and is On this lake you will also find a small village called Kalambanda. You will be very happy if you visit this town as people here will treat you with open heart. The people living in this town have their own unique rustic style and this is something that all the tourists love about them.


This lake is shallow, has some water. It has very little water as some of it comes from small springs around it. This lake is going down and we need to do something. If this lake is not restored, we will lose an important source of clean drinking water. The lake is also an important source for irrigation purposes.

Visit this Azmus Dand Lake. You will enjoy it. More details about other lakes of Swat Valley, will be shared with you soon.


Lake Izmis is a lake in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, located above the tree line in the southwest of the Utrur Valley. The name Izmis means “cave” in Kohistani, and since the lake is surrounded by many natural caves, people named the lake after the caves. A narrow jeepable road leads from Attur to the lake area, ending in a valley called Loypanrghalay. The lake can be reached from here after a trek of around 3-6 hours.…