Kandol Lake Kalam

Kandol Lake Kalam

Traveling to Swat Valley and visiting Kandol Lake Kalam is an adventure in every sense of the word. While you’ll find a well-trodden path to many of Swat’s most famous landmarks, most trails are only known to walkers and herders. When you head out in the morning for a short hike or pilgrimage to a desert shrine, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it. With landslides and lack of transportation, much is in God’s hands.

Kundol Lake Swat Trek, height, another beautiful story in Pakistan

It is a fact that people continue to praise the beauty of this Kundol Dand Lake. It can be said that if one has not visited this lake then one is an unlucky person. This lake is a beautiful looking lake. It is an interesting looking lake. Your eyes will widen once you enter this lake. In the Swat Valley, the lake is one of the most prominent landmarks when it comes to beauty. Before visiting this lake, it is necessary to have accurate information about it. Look at that information from here:

Kundol Dand Lake Facts:

• This Kundol Lake is located just north of the Utror Valley. You can access the lake if you travel from the Kalam area and then head to the Utror area. After reaching Utror you will see a link path will appear and this path will take you to a green valley called Ladu. The valley lies just below the hills of this Kundol Dand Lake.


• You can also reach the green valley of Ladu by hiking. In this way, your trip and journey will become a pleasure. Your walks should start in Utror and then end in Ladu. This side has a hut inside, from there you can also enjoy tea.

• Around this Kundol Dand Lake, you will see mountains around you. Trees are scattered around him. You will also see grass along with thick grass. You will also get to see Khapiro lake and Spin khwar which is also a White Stream lake. They are located on the fringes of the subdued Kundol Lake.

Here is a magical view of the lake that looks magical. It’s time to embark on a little adventurous journey. Pack your bags, and visit this lake for once time it my advise.

Kundol Lake, also known as Kundol Dand, is a lake in the Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, located north of the Utror Valley at a distance of 20.8 km from Kalam.

Location and access to the lake,


Kundol Lake is located in the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains, at an altitude of 9,950 feet, North of Utror, ​​surrounded by snow-capped mountains and tall trees. The path to the lake from Ladu is so easy to follow as a very large rive,r flows from the lake and joins the Swat river in the Kalam valley. It takes you down the river and it takes you to the lake.

Along the way there are lush green forests, panoramic views and waterfalls are welcome. The hills surrounding the lake are covered with a thick veil of vegetation which adds considerably to the beauty of the lake. The land surrounding Kundol Lake is a summer camp for hikers.

Kandol Lake Kalam is fed by melting glaciers and Hindu mountain kush springs.


Kundol Lake is only accessible in summer; in winter, roads are closed, due to heavy snowfall. It is accessible by road from Kalam to Utror by four-wheel drive vehicles.

There are some small restaurants in the Ladu valley. From Ladu it takes between four and six hours to reach the lake. The hills that surround the small valley are dotted with tall cedars and pines.

So the Kandol lake is so very beautiful place of Pakistan for the tourist.