Naran Valley


In Pakistan, a town which consists of green grass, grounds, high hills and also lakes.

Valley which is 2500 high where the weather is pleasant. There are more things in the valley which hidden..

The people which want to see the lakes of blue water so visit in the month of September and October. The people which have to see the snow on the hills so came or visit in  the winter season.

Naran valley which is not only for natural beauty but have important in the history. Most of the people of different tribes or family live in this valley, such as Swati, Kashmeri and Mughal etc.

There are some historical buildings and places in the valley, such as Islamic building and place of worship or Hindu’s. The earthquake which is come in 2005 also destroy or harmful for Naran valley.


Naran valley from Islamabad:

            The distance from Islamabad 282 km through the motorway can came t he people to the valley.



In the valley there are build some hotels for the people which fro visit and also a delicious meals can available.


People of Naran:

The people of Naran is good and helps for the visitors which cannot be seen in the whole world.





Lakes of Saiful Malook:

            In the  valley of Naran. The lake Saiful Malook is famous for visit. Lake which high 3224m , Nine km long and fifty foot in depth.

There are more famous story about the this lake and there is snow on the hills.

Lake of Ansu:

In the high hills there is a lake which is famous in the name of “Ansu Lake”.

Height of this lake is 4250m. No never transport come to this lake, and two hour foot work journey can reach the lake.


Famous Place:

Babusir Top:

Inside the lake of Saiful Malook there is a beautiful place name is Babusir Top.

Its height is 4173m. the visit people which is come for this place enjoyment with tea, coffee and soop corn.