Water in Dubai

Water in Dubai:

Water in Dubai U.A.EWater is a very essential element in the life, but when you live in those area which is desert of water so in this place the life is very difficult. In Dubai where people go so firstly, think about the water that is useful for drink or not. Water in Dubai U.A.E

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If null water is can drink in Dubai? So answer is yes because this water can drink. The people think that those drink this water so his hair fall and skin dry etc. In Dubai city there is less resource for natural clean water. It depends upon on sea water. Water in Dubai U.A.E

In Dubai there is two plants. One is “Jabul Ali” second is “Alkafa” both plants supply 75% or 80% water to the people. The salt water which first clean by process called “Desalinazation” which is called R.O, The salt goes into the sea and the clean sweet water an separate.

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In U.A.E for the teeth, fluoride not use which some of the counties can use.

Water In The Bottle:

In the Dubai City, clean water the company reaches to the houses and world places. Dubai the bottles and plastic are lack due to the water. In Dubai the important places of water stations which the people put water in the bottles.