Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages

Zong internet packages is always a very good package.

Zong can offer the best internet packages to the users. It started its service in 2008. There is no company offering meaningful packages to the customers.

Zong has strengthened its service to be able to provide high-speed 3G, 4G internet. Zong offers SMS, calls and internet packages.

Daily packages can be used for the limit and weekly package can also be subscribed through this package SMS and calls can be made.

It is the only simulation company that offers the best packages to the customer. Zong soon gained popularity and acceptance.

More SIM companies in Pakistan, but Zong came in and relaxed later.


Return Internet Package,,

Zong provides high-quality telecommunication services to millions of customers across Pakistan. The leading brand in the country’s telecom sector offers a wide range of packages, bundles and internet offerings. Users can choose the one that suits them the most and meets their online needs without breaking their budget. Here we have compiled the complete range of Zong Internet Packet Code List.


Month by month,

Dataset activation cost

Monthly Social Package 128 GB Internet

+250 Zong minutes and 25 minutes offline Rs.190 *6464#

Superstar offers 8GB internet + 500 offline minutes and 3000 Zong minutes with SMS Rs.550 *6464#.

Super Monthly Offer 30GB Internet + 5000 Mins Return 450 Mins Offline Rs 1270 *6464#

Supreme Punjab Monthly 22 GB Internet (Including 12 GB YouTube), 400 Off Net Minutes, 5000 Zong Minutes and SMS Rs.1000 *6464#

Mahana Punjab Offer Get 4GB (Including 1GB Whatsapp), 400 Mins Off Net, 3000 Mins Round & SMS 550*6464#

Monthly Pro 30GB Internet, 600 minutes from other networks and unlimited minutes and SMS from Zong Rs. 1399 *6464# Likewise.

Family Pack 30 GB Internet, 1000 Offline Minutes + Unlimited Hot Minutes & SMS Rs.2900 *6464#

Zong Super Card 6GB Internet + 250 Offline Minutes & Unlimited Zong Minutes Rs.675 *6464#

Monthly Supreme Offer 20GB Internet + 300 Mins Off Net & 5000 Mins Return Rs.899 *6464#

Monthly offer of super (Data) 5GB Internet Rs.290 *6464#,

Super Monthly Plus 20GB Internet Rs.550*6464#.

Super monthly Max 40GB Internet Rs.899*6464#,

Prepaid SIM add-ons: 1 8GB Rs.750*6464#,

Prepaid SIM-2 24GB Rs.1200 *6464#,

Prepaid SIM Addons: 3 60 GB Rs.2000 * 6464 #,

Special Offer 150 GB Rs.3500 *6464#.

IMO Offer 2.5 GB Rs.59 *6464#,


Week in and week out, .

Dataset activation cost

Haftawar 10 GB Upload Offer, Unlimited Zong Minutes & 100 Offline Minutes Rs.280 *6464#

Super Wake Max 30GB (16GB for YouTube + 14GB data) RS.300 *6464#

Super Premium Weekly 30GB, 150 Online Outdoor Minutes & Unlimited Zong Minutes RS.350 *6464#

Lahore Super Deal 3GB, 40 Minutes Off Network and 1000 Minutes Back RS.100 * 6464 #.

Weekly All-in 1 (7 Days) 3GB, 60 Offline Minutes & 5,000 Back Minutes RS.200 *6464#

Offer Malakand 2GB, 100 Mins Off Online, 1000 Mins Zong RS 150 *6464#.

Haftwar Punjab offers 2GB, 100 offline minutes and 1000 Zong minutes for Rs 150 *6464#

Super Offer Weekly 3GB, 25 Minutes Total of Rs.185 *6464#

Super Wake Plus 8GB + 1GB WhatsApp Rs.240 *6464#



Dataset activation cost

The basic journal

(until 00:00) 100MB RS 23 *6464#

Maximum daily data, .

(Until 00:00) 1GB (for YouTube 500) RS 49 *6464#

Zong Daytime Offer (Ends 7pm) 1.5 GB RS 23 *6464#

Youth Offer 2.5 GB (am-9am) RS 22.50 *6464#

Social Package 100 MB Rs.10 *6464#.

Daily Social Offer 1.5 GB Rs.23 *6464#

Daily Youth Zong Deal,

Zong’s Daily Youth Deal is relatively new to some. PKR offers 2.5 GB of data and 16 plus taxes. The package can be used between 01:00 and 09:00.


Back to Daily Highlights,

Zong’s daily internet package is available at a nominal price of Rs. You can use 17 MB per day and 100 MB per day. The payment period of this internet package is daily.

Max Daily Zong Data,

Zong Zong Max Daily 3G or 4G package, Zong users can use 500MB + 500MB YouTube internet for a day. Daily price of Zong Daily 3G/4G package is Rs. 38+ Taxation of taxes.


Zong’s Daily Classified Pack, 2019 .

Zong, Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels, and Carmudi have launched the Zong Ranking Pack with a mobile internet data cap of 50MB. The price of this package is Rs.5 plus tax